The state-of-the-art factory located in the Rusayl Industrial Area in Muscat is spread over 4.5 hectares and manufactures a wide range of slabs, tiles and steps and raises. Just 20 kilometres from Muscat’s Sultan Qaboos Port and 5 kilometres from the International Airport, it facilitates easy and efficient access and distribution for clients both regionally and internationally.

The advanced infrastructure at the factory ensures seamless operations to meet the highest standards of quality and production. The factory has two lines, one for slabs and the other for tiles, steps and rises, with a production capacity of more than 50,000 m² per month.

The automatic and computerised tile line with automatic block-cutters, converts the marble blocks into strips of different thicknesses, which ensures that marble tiles of all required sizes and profiles are produced. The foreheads calibrating units guarantee production without any thickness variation. The dressing heads prepare the marble strips by smoothing their surface.  The upper and lower air blowers dry the marble ready for the chemical treatment section. The chemical treatment section is mounted in the line to ensure the filling of all the holes by curing the mastic through an electrical oven at 80°C. The treated marble strips are then glazed and polished to give the marble its brilliance and shine. The polished marble is cut by a sophisticated computerised multi-dimensional cutting machine into the required proportions. The capacity of the tile line is around 20,000 m² per month.

The second factory line with automatic gang saws and an automatic slab polishing lines shapes the marble blocks into big dimensional slabs of two and three centimetre thickness. The automatic slab polishing line contains a dressing and smoothing section, chemical treatment section and finally the 12 heads polishing machine. The monthly production of the slab line reaches 25,000 m² per month. The computerised Italian production lines assure excellent quality and ensure international standards of marble’s thickness and mirror polishing of up to 97.5 % glossiness. The automatic bridge cutters, each with a daily capacity of 400 m², aid in the production of steps and risers, kitchen tops, vanity tops or any other required design.

The production lines under the supervision of certified engineers and technicians ensure uncompromising quality. The automatic and computerised tile line ensures that marble tiles of all required size and profiles are produced according to customer’s precise requirements.