Our quarries are situated in Ibri and Ibra in the Hajar mountain range, which has rich deposits of marble. Owned and operated by Kunooz Marble, the quarries are equipped with advance equipment that matches our production capacity to meet both local and international demand, irrespective of scale and size.

The deposits found here are characterised by sheer monolith plates which allow the harvesting of perfect square blocks of marble. It is from these sites that the famous Mars, Andalus and Salalah Rose are excavated.

Our excavation of these blocks at our quarries have secured a stockpile which ensures zero interruption allowing us to meet the demands of our clientele. Our inventories are maintained with a minimum of 12 months of annual sales for ongoing support to our customer on a monthly basis and their varying needs and requirements in an undisturbed and a timeous manner.

The operations at our quarry involve heavy, specially designed machinery, manufactured by the leading suppliers in the quarrying and mining industry in Europe. These combined technologies of chain and diamond wire saw produce perfectly shaped marble blocks that translate into the maximum required dimensions of the slabs improving efficiency and product quality.

Over 2.000 m³ of marble blocks are quarried monthly producing slabs which measure roughly 3.0 x 1.9 meters, the ideal size for slabs sought after worldwide for maximum utilization with minimum wastage.

The transportation of the blocks by trucks takes 4-5 hours to the factory in Rusayl Muscat. Apart from the inventory at our quarry, there is an extensive choice made available at all times at the factory’s yard for our clients to choose from.